So what I wanted this little video to do today is to help you understand the first core one, which is around beliefs.  

So in order to understand even just touch the surface, I guess of what a limiting belief is. We need to understand the importance of three core words and this underpins everything we do with brain blinkers.  

I believe it underpins life.  

I believe it underpins how we sell to people, how we influence. It explains a lot of how we behave and those three words of this. So first of all, you think about it, whatever we hold true whatever we believe will always dictate how we think and thus how we act. So believe, think, behave. And it flows down one to the next. So believe what we hold true affects how we think and that’s how we act. 
Now one interesting thing here is that it also works in Reverse. So if you want to change, how you feel about yourself, what you believe, what you hold true about yourself. And for example, let’s use sport. You know, I’m a good Cricket. If you want to believe that you’re a good cricket or a good tennis player then start acting like a good tennis player or cricketer.
And that’s the idea. So act. So behave the way you want to believe. You know, some people call this, you know, “living the way we want to be” and that’s fine or “fake it till you make it”. Whatever you want to call it. That’s fine. But I find with my children and I find with the people that I coach from Executives through to school teachers through to students through salespeople.  
That is soon as I start working on their state.  Okay, a really important point here, how they act in a moment.  So for example, if a salesperson has a fear of cold calling or fear of her asking a particular client for some business.  

The one thing I’ll do is I’ll get them to act confidently.  Just pretend that they’re confident and watch the difference in their behaviour and thus start to work on their beliefs.  So that’s the reverse way from the behaviours to the beliefs. Now in my ebook which is complementary.

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You’ll read a number of stories based on that.