What I want to focus on today, is that concept of believe, think, behave.
The Mandate is this. In order to change behaviour, the short-term approach is to modify the behaviour. So for example with road rage, for example, if we want to be less angry on the road, one way is to say hey, I’ll be more patient that’s focusing on behaviour. And you know, what long-term it doesn’t rip much reward.
It may help in the short term if you really really disciplined but a more clever way to approach it is to go back to the belief that drives the behaviour. Pardon the pun. So with road rage what I found in all my experience around the world,it comes down to a fundamental belief and it may surprise you.
So for me, I use me as an example because I was a really really bad road rager. I use to get really upset on the road and I used to think to myself. I’m aware that I’m getting angry on the road. So I know my behaviour, so I’ll just try and be more patient and it didn’t work very much for me. And I remember reading the psychology texts and thinking well, I’ve got to go back to what I hold true. What do I hold true about driving?
And my limiting belief was people should drive like me so I use to get really upset when people weren’t indicating or being rude on the road and we can talk about road rage for a long long time here, but I want to bring this point to you and it’s a reframe. It’s a different way of thinking about it. If you want to be less angry on the road, one of the ways to do that is to go back to the belief that is driving your behaviour. And for me about 15 years ago, I realized that I was expecting everyone to drive like me. Now in my books now, that’s crazy talk. That’s asinine.
Why would I even begin to entertain this belief that everyone in the world should drive exactly like me? So my new belief, a better belief if you like; is that people drive as they do. I don’t control them. I choose only to influence or affect how I drive. How I choose to drive.

And since doing that I have changed the level of anger I had on the road. I used to be really bad, maybe a nine or a ten out of ten and now I might be a three or four. Do I get a little annoyed with people? Sure. I’m human but I really don’t get as viscerally angry as I used to The message? Go back to the belief that drives the behaviour. This is the real underlying point underneath our Brain Blinkers concept and will point towards how to identify your own limiting beliefs. For me on the topic of road rage. My limiting belief was I believe people should drive like me. So what modified that belief and it has changed my behaviour.


Believe, think. behave.


Trust, you’ve enjoyed this short little video.

Look forward to talking to you again.