I have been doing a lot of work with organisations like the Department of Family and Community Services.  I have been working intensively with people on how to improve their leadership and influence skills.  

Influences is a hot topic at the moment.  

It’s a little bit of a dirty topic for a lot of people and that in itself is one of the Brain Blinkers that I’m having to do with. People’s perception of selling their own ideas often get in their way of being capable influencers.  
And so one of the first things we do when we work with people on influence is to remove those particular Brain Blinkers or encourage them to think of their job in a different way.  
I encourage you to look at our website and download our complimentary E-book on influence.
It is a fantastic program that helps build your influence skills. Focusing on what you want, and then the three pillars of how to influence effectively:  How are you connecting, how are you adding value and solving stuff for people, and how you make them feel safe by proving what you’re doing.