Today I will help you understand the first core, which is around limiting beliefs.  

We first have to grasp the idea of what a limiting belief is. We need to understand the importance of the three core words: 

1) Believe
2) Think
3) Behave 

These three words underpin everything we do in our Brain Blinkers program, and I believe in life as well. 
It underpins how we sell to people, how we influence people, and how we behave.
Whatever we 
believe will always dictate how we think, and how we act.
Once you start believing, you start to
think and then behave. This also works in reverse. Like for instance, if you want to change how you feel about yourself. 
Let’s use sport as an example. If you want to believe that you’re a good cricketer or a good tennis player; then start acting like a good tennis player or cricketer.

Start behaving the way you want to
believe. Some people call this “living the way we want to be” or “fake it till you make it,” which is fine. However, I find that certain people, including executives, teachers, students, salespeople, and even my own children, by working in their state, will act more confidently. 
For example, in a situation where a salesperson has a fear of cold calling or fear of asking a particular client for a business proposal, I would coach and help the salesperson to act confidently. The important point is how they act at the moment. They can simply pretend that they’re confident, and you will see the difference in their behaviour, which in turn will affect their beliefs too. 

That’s the reverse way from the behaviours to the beliefs which are now in my ebook, which is complimentary.


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