How To Manage Exam Stress & Pressure

”Today’s Brain Blinkers Bullet Point – How To Manage Exam Pressure.

Hello again, it’s Anthony Bonnici and welcome to another Brain Blinkers Bullet Point. What I want to talk about very briefly today was EXAM PRESSURE.

We’ve got a lot of children now putting an extraordinary amount of pressure on themselves with exams. I had the pleasure of working with the Oxley College year 12 students, this only last week actually. What a beautiful bunch of people they were, young adults preparing for quite a big time in their lives. What we went through with them was the Brain Blinkers program with them, of course.

What we focus on was two things with regard to exam pressure. The first is the belief around that particular exam. A lot of kids in the group that we worked with might say they’re bad at maths so they’re no good at English or I could never get that right, I could never achieve that particular result or on my results are slipping. All of these are limiting beliefs. One of the first things to do with children, if you’ve got children of your own or you’re a teacher or you are a child yourself and you’re watching this because I know a number of kids are subscribing to this YouTube channel. 

First thing is to realize, be aware that you have that limiting belief, that belief about yourself, and about a particular subject that is having an impact on your ability to study or your ability to perform in that particular subject. So that’s the first thing. Go through the acid test you can see in the e-book to remove that particular brain blinker.

The second thing though is the fear of exams that adrenaline rush and it works exactly the same as the principal we talked about with regards to Susan Jeffers. Feel the fear and do it anyway. The thing with exams is yes, it’s normal to feel that fear. The concept we say is, you know, once you feel it and realize that it’s not the end of the world your ability to handle that pressure and that fear changes significantly.

Two things, the limiting belief around exams and your ability to study, and the second thing is fear of failure, fear of humiliation with regards to exams or studying.

Make sure you have a look in the Ebook on our website in case you haven’t already done so. DOWNLOAD it today and I look forward to speaking to you again soon.”