How to Gain Clarity About Your Life

I was recently working with a school leader who was a little bit unclear about where he wanted to head in life. He had undergone a lot of stress the year before due to school exams, and he wasnt sure where he wanted to head. He didn’t feel like he was fulfilling his potential.  

I worked with this young man, who is full of ability, and I got a little bit straight after about an hour.  
It made me think… how often do we need that little iron out?  Whether it’s a chat with a friend, a relative or a boss, where it’s a little bit hard to re-engage, we all need a reset to gain clarity and engage our gears. 
If you find yourself struggling to get back into, you need to reset yourself, get clarity and engage your gears again. If you are feeling overwhelmed because you’re not on track to where you want to be, one of the most valuable things you can do is to sit down and iron those things out.
You don’t need me to be there necessarily, but you do need to think about what those limiting beliefs are. 
What is that negative self-talk? What are your fears? What are the critical brain blinkers that will help you understand how best to approach your fear, to approach that task, to approach that goal you have, and therefore engage your gears to the best of your abilities?  

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