Now ANYONE AROUND THE WORLD can take Anthony home (so to speak!) The BBOP is a dynamic online learning portal designed to help the following people:

– workshop attendees who want to follow up and embed the Brain Blinkers workshop learning

– family & friends of workshop attendees who want to make real change in their lives (eg less road rage, better relationships, better results)

– students who want less exam stress & pressure, the ability to think more clearly and thus perform at their very best

Here’s Anthony himself explaining the benefits of the BBOP :

Here’s what you get:

1. Brain Blinkers Video Program
(modularised, delivered by Anthony Bonnici)

2. Brain Blinkers Workbook

3. Brain Blinkers Audio Program
(modularised, delivered by Anthony Bonnici)

4. Brain Blinkers Video Re-energisers
(short, sharp reminders of the key messages)

5. Brain Blinkers E-Book

6. Brain Blinkers Audio Book

7. Case Study Video Interview

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