BRAIN BLINKERS is an entertaining and practical DIY toolkit for the mind. Using real life stories and a no-nonsense, approachable and highly engaging style, Anthony Bonnici provides the reader with exquisitely simple and usable tools to combat the 3 key mental barriers to high performance and success. He explores how recognising and removing our limiting beliefs, negative thoughts and fears can:

  • Improve our productivity & effectiveness
  • Enhance our rapport & leadership abilities
  • Reduce our stress
  • Increase our positivity & focus
  • Increase our positivity & focus
Unlike most other self-help books that are heavy, filled with repetition and are just plain hard work, BRAIN BLINKERS comprehensively entertains and informs. This “bullet-point” approach makes it a must-read for anyone interested in doing more, being better, and engaging more with life. For International orders please contact Anthony directly.