I wanted to share with you a wonderful Ted Talk that I saw by Jason Clarke, who talked about embracing change. Jason talks about embracing change and, as you might know, that’s a topic that we cover a lot in the Brain Blinkers Online program and the Ebooks too.

He talks about the mental attitudes and beliefs around change.
Jason discusses the four doors, and it’s just marvellous how he puts it together. I strongly recommend you have a look at his Ted Talk.
How do we become more comfortable with change?
Here are some insights that might help you to embrace change in your life.

4 Ways to Embrace Change at Work & Life

The focus is on four doors.

The first door of change

Тhings that you used to be able to do and still can do, so nothing changes. It’s just business as usual. You know, keep going and keep doing what you’re doing.

The second door of change


Тhings that you weren’t able to do and still can’t do as a result of the change. So again, business as usual as nothing has changed.

The third door of change

Тhings you used to be able to do and because of the change, now you can’t. They’re the things specifically that you have to let go of. This is where you’ll have a little bit of traction with people who say “well this is going to change”, “it’s going to make an impact on me”. These are the things you need to let go of.

Тhe fourth door of change

Тhe other things that you couldn’t do before the change, but now because of the change, you can do. These are things you go for.
I liked that analysis because everything is in change. It’s not all bad. There are four elements to it, and two of them are business as usual, while the other two will require you to let go.

The change enables you to do something you couldn’t before – Embrace Change.

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