Hi again, Anthony Bonnici here.  
This short little video, I want to focus on how what we hold true becomes self-fulfilling.  
Now, people have probably heard the term self-fulfilling prophecy; what that actually means is whatever you tell yourself, often enough, and sometimes young people can be as often as once only whatever you say to yourself or reinforce to yourself will often become the truth.  
So, for example of that, if you keep saying that you’re no good at a particular sport, then your belief– as we’ve talked in the past– will guide your behaviour–whether consciously or not– you will stop being good at that sport because you firmly believe that you’re no good at it. You aren’t putting in the effort; you may not seek counselling or guidance or help or support on that particular thing to get better and thus it becomes self-fulfilling.
Now, I know a lot of people have heard the term self-affirmation and that’s why one of the really successful techniques in fixing this or helping people with beliefs that are negative or limiting beliefs, in particular, is to do the opposite self-affirmation. I know the Americans do this a lot.  
And for example, if you’re playing Cricket or soccer or something and you’re a little bit negative about what you think is going to be happening,  just remember that self-fulfilling prophecy says that if you are not confident going in then your body will relay that information and act not confidently and therefore predispose you to an outcome that is not optimal. That’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.  
So one of the techniques is to talk yourself into being in the right state– not a state of Australia– a state of being where you can actually perform at your best and so behavioural psychologists do this a lot in sports psychology is very common the Harker for the New Zealanders out there. The Kiwis out there is a great way to get the team so performing that traditional Tribal dance, so to speak, is a way of getting the players in the right state. It’s a way of getting them into their optimal state to perform at their very best. 
So we can take a leaf out of that book we can do whatever is required self-affirmation repeating things to ourselves to get us into the right frame of mind the right mindset in order for that to be self-fulfilling. So if you’re a nervous public speaker, for example, it’s no good reinforcing to yourself before you get on stage. I haven’t done this for a while or I don’t think I’ve rehearsed this enough or geez, I’m really no good at this. What am I doing here? That’s all unhelpful.  
In order to be at your best, and in order for self-fulfilling prophecy to kick in positively for you, it would make more sense to recall a situation when you did well public speaking. Maybe the last performance that you did was actually pretty good because you went up confident and recall that in order to get in the right frame of mind to deliver the best outcome. 
So there we have it folks self-fulfilling prophecy the way we teach it with Brain Blinkers workshop. Is that your limiting beliefs – so I’m no good at maths, I’m not smart enough, I can’t deal with change. Those are just examples of beliefs that will become the truth even if they’re not the truth, based on a self-fulfilling prophecy.  
Trust you enjoyed it.