How To Get Clarity And Engage Your Gears 

”At the time of writing this, it’s the 1st of  February. I didn’t think it would take this long but I’ve been extremely busy launching some new products, which Im excited for you to see! 
It made me think… just this week, I was working with a school leader who was a little bit unclear about where he wanted to head in life. He had undergone a lot of stress the year before due to school exams, and he wasnt sure where he wanted to head. He didn’t really feel like he was fulfilling his potential.  
I worked with this young man, who is full of ability, and I got a little bit straight after about an hour.  
It made me think… how often do we need that little iron out? 
Whether it’s a chat to a friend, a relative or a boss, indeed early on in the year, this time of year, where it’s a little bit hard to re-engage, 
you know as per my newsletter from this week talking about those gears in the brain, not just sort of engaging very well.  
What I want to leave this Brain Blinkers Bullet Point about is to sit down if you’re struggling to get back into it? If you are feeling the overwhelm already if things aren’t right and you’re not on track to where you want to be? One of the most valuable things you can do is to sit down and iron those things out. You don’t need me to be there necessarily, but you do need to think about what those limiting beliefs are? What is that negative self-talk? What are your fears those three critical brain blinkers that will help you understand how best to approach your year, to approach that task, to approach that goal you have, and therefore engage your gears to the best of your abilities?  
I trust you enjoyed that. I want you to keep posted because we’ve got some really exciting new products that are going to be on my portals for young people and for the oldies like me to help them better fulfill their potential. So keep watching, have a fantastic weekend and look forward to seeing you soon”.