How To Overcome Road Rage

Let’s focus today on the concept of believe, think and behave.

How do we change behaviour? The short-term approach is to modify the behaviour. For instance, with road rage, if we want to be less angry on the road; one way is to be patient. This means that you’re focusing on the behaviour, but it doesn’t help in the long run. 

It may help in the short term if you’re disciplined, but a smarter way to
approach it is to go back to the belief that drives the behaviour. So with road rage, what I found in all my experience around the world that it comes down to a fundamental belief. For example, I used to be a bad road rager. I used to get upset on the road. I’m aware that I’m getting angry on the road, meaning I know my behaviour. So, I’d try to be more patient, but it didn’t work well for me. 
I remember reading the psychology texts and thinking that I’ve got to go back to what I hold true. What do I hold true about driving? 
My limiting belief was people should drive like me. It’s the reason why I would get agitated when people weren’t indicating, or they were rude on the road.  
  • If you want to be less angry on the road, one of the ways to do that is to go back to the belief which is driving your behaviour.

Why would I even begin to entertain this belief that everyone in the world should drive exactly like me? My new belief is that people drive the way they want to drive. I don’t control them. I choose only to influence or affect how I choose to drive.  And since doing that, I have changed the level of anger I have on the road.  
Do I get a little annoyed with people? Sure, I do. 
I’m human, but I really don’t get as angry as I used to. The message that I would like to convey here is to go back to the belief that drives the behaviour. This is the real underlying point underneath our brain blinkers concept. This will point towards how to identify your own limiting beliefs. As for me on the topic of road rage, my limiting belief was I believe people should drive like me.
By modifying that belief, it has changed my behaviour. 

Remember. Believe, think, and behave.