Hello once again. It’s Anthony Bonnici for another Brain Blinkers Bullet Point. It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve been flat out on the road working with amazing new clients like Cooper Vision, Lovisa, The Department of Family and Community Services. We had seen Incorporated who own the amazing Coogee Bay Hotel and people have to travel Corporation as well. We’ve had a wonderful big June and now we’re already in July, which I can’t believe. 

I just wanted to bring to you the four ingredients For Behavioural Change that I’ve been speaking about actually with all these clients and anyone who’s done the Brain Blinkers program for some time now. This notion of how to elicit behaviour change. The four ingredients are so important and yet so underdone I think in a lot of leadership and a lot of developmental programs.

You can read more about this and I implore all of you who are watching this to download the free e-book on my website anthonybonnici.com 

Download the brain blinkers ebook and you can read more about it. But I’m just going to give you the top four ingredients. The first ingredient…it’s called the acid test.


The first ingredient is the A which is to be AWARE of the belief that you want to change. Nothing will change unless you’re aware of it. That’s the easy one.


The second step is the tricky one. That’s the challenge. C is for CHALLENGE where you need to balance the benefits of changing the behaviour or the belief and marry that against the benefits of staying exactly the same.

That’s a really important distinction and critical to moving to the third step which is IMAGINING/ VISUALIZING what that change looks like and how it manifests in your life. For some people, I’ll just use visualisation, just that term, just that aspect of what’s it going to look like, but I think it’s important to use all the senses and what’s it going to feel like, what’s it going to sound like when you hit that goal or change that relationship. I sure imagine.


Then the final one D is for DO. Nothing happens until you put a plan into place to make it happen.


So, folks, there are four ingredients:

  • Be AWARE.
  • CHALLENGE the belief.
  • IMAGINE what it’s like when it’s changed.
  • And then go ahead and DO it, make that change.


Hopefully four ingredients for a successful life for you. Look forward to speaking to you again.